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Archangel St. Michael Multiprofile Clinical Hospital


History of the existence of Archangel St. Michael Multiprofile Clinical Hospital Ltd. (the former “Mikhaylov” hospital) counts 150 years. Respectively it is the first hospital in the whole Caucasus.

Since 2012 the clinic has moved to the new address (21, Ljubljana Str.), to the new building and is equipped with the latest medical equipment.


The clinic offers patients a full range of medical services in one space; the following departments are functioning there:

  1. Emergency; the head – professor Z. Lursmanashvili
  2. Critical Medicine; the heads – K. Kvartskhava, M. Potskhverashvili
  3. Neurosurgery; the head – Z. Tvauri
  4. Maxillofacial Surgery; the head – M. Dekanosidze
  5. General surgery; the head – K. Zurabashvili. Leading specialists – professor A. Antadze; professor T. Sesitashvili
  6. Angiosurgery; the head – G. Kheladze
  7. Gynecological Surgery; the head – I. Kitiashvili
  8. Cardiology; the head – M. Shushania
  9. Traumatology; the head – B. Modebadze
  10. Toxicology; the head – S. Kutubidze
  11. Therapy; the head – N. Ratiani, the leading specialist – professor A. Sarishvili
  12. Neurology; the head – Z. Abuladze
  13. Laboratory; the head – N. Khasaia
  14. Cardiac Surgery; the head – A. Kvitsiani
  15. Oncosurgery; the head – professor A. Aladashvili
  16. Oncology; the head –I. Eliava
  17. Anti-rabic Department – V. Lomidze
  18. Arterial Hypertension Center;
  19. Out-patient clinic-diagnostics; the head – Z. Okropiridze

 (X-ray analysis, computer tomography, interventional radiology, ultrasonography, endoscopy, laparoscopy, gynecology, physical therapy, manual therapy, otorhinolaryngology, cardiology, electrocardiography, rheumatology, oral medicine, endocrinology, urology, ophthalmology).

The working principles and methods of the clinic are exemplary for many other medical institutions. The clinic stands out with its high quality service; the Quality Control Commission of the clinic has been established here under the guidance of K. Berozashvili who timely and properly informs medical personnel on the changes and innovations made in the field of medical care; monitors and controls fulfilment of the requirements established by the legislation for medical services suppliers; ensures professional development of health care personnel and periodic monitoring; works out/introduces recommendations in order to ensure safety of patients, improve quality of medical services and eliminate shortcomings.

One of the main requirements of the administration is systematic advanced training, professional development of doctors; the quality of work of the personnel is checked and improved on a continuous basis.

The residency is functioning in the hospital, and also the clinic is a training ground for Tbilisi State Medical University, I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and many other medical universities.

A satisfied patient is the guiding principle of the clinic!

The clinic offers a world class, the most reliable, available, highly qualified health care in compliance with the highest standards with use of the latest modern equipment. The doctors working here are sociable, well disposed to patients and employees, balanced, focused on innovations; they stand out with high sense of responsibility, aren’t biased, they put the patients’ interests ahead of their own interests, they care for improvement of service quality of the clinic. They also have skills of leadership, supporting the decisions, stress management, good communication (oral, written), working in team, making the best decisions in order to overcome problems with due regard for the circumstances and situation at the earliest time possible.

Nowadays the main news is that the department of cardiac surgery has been opened. The department is equipped with the latest equipment that ensures its full functioning, respectively a full cycle of services is provided to patients in the cardiology department. Cardiology and cardiovascular invasive departments function at full load.

The latest news as well is that “Ärztezentrum: Georgisch-Deutsche Concilium” – “Medical Center: Georgian-German Concilium” has begun to function on the basis of Archangel St. Michael Multiprofile Clinical Hospital. 

Its honorable consultant is the director of Magdeburg Hospital University, one of the pioneers of robot-assisted surgery in Germany, Professor Roland Kronner, from Georgia – the head of oncology and surgical oncology directions, Professor Archil Aladashvili. The Concilium will serve patients of all nosology, a full range of researches will be provided, on the basis of Tumor Board treatment tactics will be defined that can be carried out both in Georgia and Germany. In case of operative treatment, surgery can be carried out by the open and laparoscopic method, as well as robot-assisted (Da Vinci) method.

The main news as well is that the clinic has received the ISO certificate which required performance of a huge amount of work and bringing the hospital services into conformity with the European standard.

Wish you good health!

Contact Information:

Archangel St. Michael Multiprofile Clinical Hospital

Address: 21, Ljubljana Str.
Tbilisi 0159, Georgia
Phone: +995 322 95 11 00