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Dentistry Clinic of Teaching University “Gorgasali”


The clinic is equipped with modern equipment, high level of sterilization, highly qualified medical staff and friendly atmosphere.


Head of the Clinic, Davit Tsagareisvili (Surgeon-Therapist)
Manana Mamulashvili (Orthopedist)
Nata Chkhaidze (Orthopedist)
Rusudan Beruchashvili (Therapist- Surgeon)
Tamar Mindadze (Orthodontist)
Tamar Mshvidobadze (Therapist)
Tamar Makharadze (Therapist)
Sopio Gogitidze (Therapist)
Anastasia Chubinidze (Therapist)
Mtvarisa Mtvaradze (Therapist-Surgeon)
Marina Bolkvadze (Therapist)

The clinic offers the following kinds of services at affordable prices:

  1. Professional hygiene of oral cavity
  2. Therapy
  3. Children’s dentistry
  4. Surgery
  5. Implantology
  6. Parodontology
  7. Pregnants’ Dentistry
  8. Orthopedics
  9. Orthodontics

Constant action is practiced in the clinic: in case of two teeth feeling, the professional hygiene of oral cavity is free.

Contact Information:
Dentistry Clinic of Teaching University Gorgasali
N 5a II lane, Chavchavadze Ave,
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel.: +995 322-23-61-62