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“Hairline International” is equipped with the latest methods and technologies of hair transplantation:

- Method of computer diagnostics of the damaged hair; this method allows to fully determine the damage extent of hair before transplantation and, in case of need, to provide the corresponding preparation of patients for hair transplantation that excludes sample definition of the indication for hair transplantation and carrying out unnecessary manipulations.

- Atraumatic method of transplantation of follicular units – grafts, developed by the prof. T. Tamazashvili together with the American company “Robbins Instruments”. This method considerably simplifies the procedure of hair transplantation and excludes damage of follicles of roots of hair that happens in other clinics when using metal sharp tweezers.

- Method of formation of micro-holes necessary for hair transplantation, developed by the prof. T. Tamazashvili. This method considerably decreases the subsequent stretching of the skin after the plastics and formation of rough scars, especially during transplantations of large amounts of hair (4,000 grafts and more).

- 4-assistant conveyor system of hair transplantation is developed by the prof. T. Tamazashvili. Only with use of this system it has become possible to conduct large-scale transplantations (4000 grafts and more) in a short period of time (4-5 hours). In clinics where the named system isn’t used, the transplantation of a similar amount of hair requires 8-10 hours that is extremely exhausting and causes the patient discomfort.

- Method of the graft preservation containing hair follicles, developed by the prof. T. Tamazashvili. For the first time it was reported at the International conference of Hair Transplantologists in New Orleans (1997). This method, which increases the maximum viability of grafts containing roots of hair, at the present time is introduced and widely used in many clinics of the world.

- Compressive-hemostatic method, developed by the prof. T. Tamazashvili. This method has made it possible to transplant large amounts of hair in group of patients under the risk of bleeding (for example, in cases of low blood coagulation, hypertension, etc.).

- For prevention of post-transplantation face edemas, many clinics of the world widely use various combinations of medicines. For this purpose we address for recommendations the Paris Center of Hair Transplantation (director – P. Budzhima).

- Method of patient-led control of the number of micro-holes. Nowhere in the world is there a method of patient-led control of the number of the transplanted grafts, though there is a method of determination of number of micro-holes. For this purpose we use the technologies of measured vibration and local induction, developed by the prof. T. Tamazashvili and the staff of the “Hairline International” clinic.

- Method of plastics of the donor area by a double stitch which is also recommended by the Paris Center of Hair Transplantation. Its advantage resides in the decrease of the formation of scars after the plastics, which is undoubtedly characteristic for a method of single stitches due to traction microopening, especially in case of only epidermis stitches.

- Complex treatment and prevention method against hair loss is developed by the staff of the Moscow office of hair transplantation “Makamed” which provides individual approach to all patients, a complex research, hair computer diagnostics, establishment of balance of micronutrients, and only after that hair care products and remedies are selected.

Experienced doctors work at the clinic:

  • Doctor of medicine, professor T. Tamazashvili;
  • Doctor of medicine, surgeon T. Kemoklidze;
  • Doctor of medicine, surgeon K. Kikvidze;
  • General surgeon with 25 years of successful practice I. Bebiashvili;
  • Plastic surgeon, candidate of medical sciences A. Shatirishvili;
  • Hair transplantologists: K. Chuchulashvili, M. Kardava, L. Pateishvili;
  • Angiosurgeons: G. Ubilava, D. Devidze;
  • Dermatovenerologists and cosmetologists: T. Dabrundashvili, D. Sudadze, N. Chakaberia, M. Paikidze, M. Kurashvili.

 High professionalism of all our workers and 14 years of successful practice is the reliable guarantor of quality hair transplantation.

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