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Ritmart – art of managing the heart rhythm


Arrhythmia Management Center is equipped with modern technologies and is the only center in Transcaucasia where both cryoablations and radiofrequency ablations of arrhythmias are successfully carried out. Cryoablation of arrhythmia is an innovation for the Georgian medicine. It is Zviad Matoshvili that carries out the named ablations in Transcaucasia for the first time. It is possible to conduct diagnostics and treatment of almost all arrhythmias in our department.

Zviad Matoshvili is the head of arrhythmology department of the Republican Hospital. He completed one-year training course in Sweden, in Karolinska University Hospital, with prestigious grant of the European Heart Rhythm Association. He is the only Georgian doctor who is fully certified by the European Heart Rhythm Association. He is a holder of the European certificates both on electrophysiology and pacing.

Zviad Matoshvili is the founder and the head of Ritmart Arrhythmia Management Center. Ritmart functions on the basis of the Republican Hospital.

Arrhythmia Management Center provides services in arrhythmology to 5 different clinics of Tbilisi.

Ritmart is staffed by highly-skilled and attentive professionals.

Professional experience:

  • 9 years of experience in the sphere of arrhythmology
  • Experience in Europe (Stockholm, Karolinska University Hospital)
  • More than 1500 successful procedures (implantation, ablation).



Our procedures:
Loop Recorder Implantation
Electrophysiology studies
Atrial Fibrillation Ablation
Cardiac resynchronization therapy
Defibrillator Implantation
Pacemaker Implantation
Our Team:
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Arrhythmia Management Center – Ritmart

29 а Vazha Phshavela ave., Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel.: +995 555 502 301
Appointment: +995 555 502 201